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 With your support, the Committee of 13  advocates for our defined benefit       pensions. We work to make sure that you have the facts about your MPS/TRA defined benefit pension. We also make sure that the  legislators who serve on  Minnesota's Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement have up-to-date information on MPS/TRA pensions.


We provide facts that counter the biased information distributed by groups


Pensions in the News -January 2017

  •  Maybe Pensions Aren't the Problem - Maybe We Are  - Education Week, 1/4             Author Dave Powell, writing as the K-12 Contrarian, tackles the importance of pensions and the arguments used by those who want to privatize them.
  • Public Pension Investment Risk-Taking May Result in Future Challenges - This January 2017 report from the Rockefeller Institute's Pension Simulation Project examines the difficult choices public pension funds faced as interest rates fell over the last 25 years. Public plans generally increased investment risk in an effort to avoid lowering expected investment returns, creating substantial potential for plans to become severely underfunded or to require sharp increases in government contributions in the future. This is the fourth report of the Pension Simulation Project, supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts.


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