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advocating for Minneapolis teachers' pension security





With your support, the Committee of 13  advocates for our defined benefit pensions. We   work to make sure that you have the facts about your MPS/TRA defined benefit pension.
We also make sure that the  legislators who serve on  Minnesota's Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement (LCPR) have up-to-date information on MPS/TRA pensions.


We provide facts that counter the biased information distributed by groups

Tell Congress to Save the US Postal Service

The men and women who deliver our pension checks, prescriptions, Amazon orders and greeting cards need your help. They're not getting any help from Congress or the White House! Somehow, despite loans and grants promised to businesses large and small, he US Post Office is not getting any government aid to survive the pandemic. In fact, the postal service could be out of money by early June. Sign the Alliance for Retired Americans petition to save the Postal Service here. And after you sign,  write your congresspeople and tell them to save this essential service.


Contact your US Senators and your US Representative

Find contact information for each member of Minnesota's Congressional Delegation here. And when you call and write, remind them that you are a retiree, you vote, and the US Postal Service is important to you. Email your Congress members now. And when you're done, order some stamps online - the money will go straight to the Postal Service!


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