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   of Thirteen Working

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advocating for Minneapolis teachers' pension security





With your support, the Committee of 13  advocates for our defined benefit pensions. We   work to make sure that you have the facts about your MPS/TRA defined benefit pension.
We also make sure that the  legislators who serve on  Minnesota's Legislative Commission
on Pensions and Retirement (LCPR) have up-to-date information on MPS/TRA pensions.


We provide facts that counter the biased information distributed by groups


We Did It

WoW! Your votes and your support for the Committee of Thirteen helped elect teacher Tim Walz as governor, ex MPS school board member Peggy Flanagan as Lieutenant Governor, teacher Julie Blaha as auditor, and Steve Simon as Secretary of state. You also helped elect 18 women and men in Greater MN who support strong teacher pensions. And, of course, you helped win back the state House. Thanks to your contributions, the Committee of Thirteen supported the winners in 18 races that flipped from Republican to Democratic affiliation. View the list of those candidates here.


We’re basking in the joy of victory today, but on Monday we’ll continue planning our strategy for the 2019 Legislative Session. Yearly funding to cover the increased employer contributions to the pension funds must be a part of the Omnibus Education bill going forward.


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