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Tell Congress to Cancel Student Loan Debt in the Next Covid-19 Relief Package

Why should retirees care about student loans? It’s not just financially strapping to our grandchildren, it is also crippling the secure retirements of those whose student debt follows them into retirement . . . and beyond! The CARES Act (pandemic relief legislation) suspends payments for borrowers with federally held student loans for six months. America can do better. Researchers say that canceling all federally held debt would be a boost for 46 million families - and create 1.5 million jobs a year! Send your message here.

Trump pledges to end Social Security


From his lips to our ears: Trump admits that he will 'terminate' Medicare and Social Security funding if he's reelected


Congress's inability to agree on a new economic stimulus package has opened the door for Pres. Trump to try to fill the gap. And his efforts, including four questionable Executive Orders aren't pretty.


An article by Jon Queally, published in Common Dreams, quotes the President as vowing to "terminate" the payroll tax that is the funding mechanism for Social Security and Medicare if he is reelected.


The article notes that the Trump campaign was apparently so satisfied with the president's public promise to abolish the payroll tax that funds Social Security and Medicare that it shared video of his remarks on on social media.


And the pro-worker group, Social Security Works said simply, " We just heard it straight from Trump's own mouth - if reelected he will destroy Social Security."



Undaunted by the pandemic, art teacher Erin Schneider (far right) Teagan Schneider, Erin's daughter (left) and art teacher Lindsey Baldwin (center) bring art and images of hope to a wall at the Schooner Tavern at 2901 27th Ave. So., in Minneapolis' Third Precinct.


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